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Construction and Contracting


In order to benefit from the urban transformation loan, the building must first be included in the scope of urban transformation. Once the contractor is chosen, an application should be done to the negotiating banks that give urban transformation loan. You can get up to 100 thousand liras as urban transformation loan for one flat and up to 500 thousand liras if the applicant has more than four or five flats.


The loan from the bank is transferred as blocked to the account of the contractor. Since the account is blocked, the contractor cannot use all of the money. According to the stages of the construction, the contractor presents the work done and demands it to be controlled. The bank receives documents from the building audit that controls the construction and conducts inspections at the construction site. Until then, the bank gives  the contractor so much money as the amount of work done. So if the contractor leaves the work while the construction is going on, or if you do not like the work and stop it, the money that you will complete the construction is already in the bank account as blocked. So the money is kept under protection.  There is no ministry in this process. So the ministry only gives approval. Afterwards, you can re-build your building with the contractor you have chosen and the bank loan you have taken.



  • Flat owner applies for AKSAŞ to detect the risky building.
  • According to the report, the transformation is decided by 2/3 majority at the buildings which are found to be at risk.
  • By the flat owners, the contractor company is determined and a construction contract is made.
  • Flat owners, who want to use loan by making use of interest support, make loan applications to the bank, Ministry approval is received for interest support, and loan utilization is realized.
  • The construction process is initiated by the contractor company.