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Building Laboratory

Building LaboratoryBuilding Laboratory

Laboratory Services

Fresh Concrete Sampling + Reporting
Sample is taken at the construction site environment, reported at the end of 7 and 28 days, and is shipped to the customer.

Steel Sampling + Reporting
Sample is taken at the construction site environment, reported at the end of 7 and 28 days, and is shipped to the customer.

Core Sampling + Reporting
The sample is taken in the building, applied within 72 hours, reported and is shipped to the customer.

Anchor Application + Reporting
Applied on site, applied within 48 hours, reported and shipped to the customer.

Soil Survey + Reporting
Applied on site, reported within 48 hours and shipped to the customer.

Reinforcement Detection + Reporting
Applied on building, reported within 48 hours and shipped to the customer.

 Building Laboratory

AKSAŞ, which provides services with high standards to its customers, continues to provide uninterrupted service on the subject of building laboratories together with the systems having the most technological infrastructure of Turkey.

Laboratory Scope;

  • Fresh concrete Sampling + Testing and Reporting
  • Steel Sampling + Testing and Reporting
  • Core Sampling + Testing and Reporting
  • Anchor application + Testing and Reporting
  • Reinforcement detection + Testing and Reporting

Building Laboratory

With YDUAKS system;
Thinking that "You do better", we leave you with all the field management. Enter the Sample Order into the online system; let the system redirect the nearest vehicle via satellite to the address that you have entered, and an SMS come back to you when the operation is complete.

With Operation Completed SMS; We accept every sample order as a duty and when it is completed we immediately notify you by SMS.

With 7 Days / 24 Hours Service; As a building laboratory having the most comprehensive and technological infrastructure in Turkey, we serve 90% of Istanbul at 7 days / 24 hours.


In Apartments, Offices, Schools, Polyclinics, Hospitals, Health Centers, Factories, Gymnasiums, Artifacts, Historical Buildings, Municipalities, briefly in every area that you may consider, Building Technical Report can be taken. Is your building enduring, does it give you confidence? These will be learned precisely as a result of analysis and measurement. The structure of your building is handled in a large scale through the expert staff of urban transformation. One of the best remedies that you should apply for in order to be sure of the strength of the building is the earthquake resistance test. Building Technical analysis and controls help you take precautions against possible dangers .The Building Technical Report is the report prepared by the authorized project experts by checking whether the building complies with the existing conditions of it. When we look at the technical reports, they are generally classified as architectural technical reports, static technical reports, mechanical technical reports, technical reports in terms of environment and interaction.

How is the Building Technical Report Prepared?

One of the most important parts of the work is how to prepare the building technical report. Another name for the building technical report is the earthquake test. It is confronted as a report proving whether your building is enduring after it passed through various stages. The building technical report is applied to almost every building you might consider. It is important to get the proof that the building is enduring. Some buildings are at risk. In such cases, risky building reports are received by expert teams. Many of our citizens who want to renovate their houses or businesses now have the chance to renovate their buildings in the context of urban transformation. If your building is at risk, you must to renew and ensure it to be safer. In this way, you will be protected of life and property losses in the best way. Some of the buildings may have completed their economic life. Identifying buildings that are prone to collapse or heavy damage is important in order to secure your life. All these measurements are made with the fastest method by applying the latest technology.  Building technical report is prepared and presented to your party. So you will have the chance to know if your buildings are at risk and to take all necessary precautions.

Although taking Earthquake Risk Report seems like a laborious process, being able to apply online through our company makes it much easier than you think, and it is very important for the life of you and your loved ones. Urban transformation applications also allow buildings to be restored or repaired by detecting not enduring buildings. Thus, with the risk report you receive, it is in your hands to ensure that you are minimally affected by the adverse effects of the earthquake.

If you want to be sure of your building’s strength, the only way to do this is to get a Building Strength Report. Before you get this report, it is needed to perform some of the investigations belonging to your building. First of all, if there is a project belonging to the building, going to the building, it is satisfied to be controlled in site according to the project. If there is no project, the building survey is done. In order to test the strength of concrete, core samples are taken and these samples are passed through pressure tests. Columns, beams, curtains and reinforced concrete are detected by X-ray. As a result of all the obtained data, the 3D simulation of the building is drawn and the earthquake resistance  is determined. Your building strength report is presented to you after all the data are examined and evaluated by experts.